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After a passionate love affair with the law and pursuing my dream of becoming a lawyer, I realized I am starting to yearn for serenity. I just started wanting more in my life. I no longer found satisfaction in winning, fighting, arguing and working in a high stress environment.

I slowly started to see that everything I was chasing was because of my ego and I realized in order for my life to take a new direction, I needed to let go of everything I thought I was and accept who ever it was I was becoming. I have a video explaining my journey below:


I am a NLP certified life and business coach specializing in issues of confidence, insecurity, letting go of the past, learning to forgive, and I ESPECIALLY enjoy working with people to discover deeply rooted limiting beliefs in the unconscious and subconscious mind. I am passionate about educating people to break repeating toxic patterns in their personal lives.


Having built my own online business and producing consistent and engaging content on my numerous platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Podcast, I am now available to teach what I have learned and how I built this business from nothing. Everything from online marketing, building a brand, social media aesthetics, producing content, tuning your audience into clients and more! You can find a bunch of my social media branding and growth tips here:


I find inspiration in people, animals, nature, books and literature. I am constantly inspired by life and everything the universe connects me with.

“The lessons you have to learn, hide in different areas of your life and it’s up to you to unlock them, learn, and reach new heights”

My sweet boy Max is a soul I go to when I need to just…be. I’ve learned so much patience and acceptance from him. For one, he’s taught me to be as indifferent towards the small things in my life, as he is towards giving you his paw, when you’re not holding a treat.


I host my own Personal Development Podcast Show which I recently launched in 2019. I talk about insecurities, relationships, self love, energy, goals all things personal development. My podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, all other major podcast platforms under the name INNERVIBRATION.

Take advantage of the FREE videos I post on my youtube channel and feel free to leave me your questions in the comments section.


On Instagram you will find me do alot of live videos, FREE personal development training, and business tips on my highlights, so don’t miss out!


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